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The CDCOLOGYTM pilot website is active!
University students: Click the infographic to sign up.

What is CDC Ology?

CDC Ology is a way for CDC staff to post unclassified, short tasks on a website that can be performed by registered college student solvers (CDC Ologists). In return, university students gain insight into CDC's mission and specific projects. Bi-directional feedback is encouraged to foster learning and dialogue.

Why CDC Ology?

Public health keeps America from major outbreaks, keeps people from getting sick at restaurants, and protects the everyday health of all citizens. Finding work after school is hard. Young graduates are overlooking public health careers. Retiring public health officials at the local, state, and federal levels are leaving gaps in the workforce. Budgets are tight and getting tighter. We need to bring public health to students where they are. Government is just beginning to embrace the ways students access the world. We can foster a social, Open Government and career development together.

 How will it benefit CDC/OPHPR?

This expands the agency’s workforce and relieves staff, that has been challenged to do more with less, to focus on in-depth assignments.
In return, eager college students gain a small window into government work, bring fresh ideas to small projects, and can put "micro-project assistance for CDC" on their résumé.
This initiative inherently begins a shift in time management, delegation, and cooperation.
Crowdsourcing fits into the Open Government Initiative from the White House, adding transparency and inclusion of the public for our work.



Microtasking in Government


 NASA-sponsored innovation competitions

The Presidential Mandate for public inclusion


Meet the Author: Diana Yassanye 

LinkedIn ; @DYassanye
Work at HHS? Dialogue with the founders.
Public blog from HHS coming soon!

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  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

    Diana we need to talk!

    1. Sounds great. But who are you? You are welcome to message me on LinkedIn or sign into Confluence.

  3. Anonymous

    This quite innovative. CDC is to be commended highly! We are looking forward to engaging our students and faculty.

  4. Anonymous

    I have already alerted students to this website. I suggested some use the faculty webinar to learn more. This is a group of honors undergrads taking a Health and Society Course, focusing on socio ecologic determinants. Will share lessons with other faculty colleagues, what a great idea, and we may get some stellar EIS officers out of this.

  5. We love to hear about faculty excited about this. The pilot will run through February 2014 so we have a limited time to prove that this should be permanent!

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, I am a university student interested in participating in this. But I am having trouble signing up, because it keeps directing me to a site that is marked dangerous by my browser. What should I do?

    1. Anonymous

      My friend had the same issue. We tried another browser and it was fine. Firefox or Chrome are ok. But I got in with IE, so...

      1. Anonymous

        I tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; all of them still give me the same site. I'm not sure if my computer is blocking something that is not allowing me to do it, or what.

  7. Anonymous


    My name is Bidisha. I am a MPH student at Southern. I was informed of this opportunity by our department.

    I am interested to apply. Who and how should I get in touch? If necessary I can email my CV.

    Pls help. I can be reached at bidishan@gmail.com or Nathb1@owl.southernct.edu

    best regards


    1. Hi Bidisha,

      You don't have to give us your CV. This is an educational experience and all you have to do is sign up at cdcology.sparked.com and check out the challenges CDC staff have posted! Enjoy.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi there

    Great work. I am interested, please contact me at hananbeta@gmail.com

  9. Anonymous

    I coordinate a high school program that places juniors and seniors with researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Strong interest in PH at our school, we're establishing an elective and other support courses next year. Is this an activity that capable high school students could tackle, perhaps in context of a course with teacher oversight?

    Would love to explore possibility.  I don't seem to be able to register.

    My contact info is:

    Andrea Perry, Garrison Forest School, andreaperry@gfs.org


  10. Anonymous

    Hello, My name is Angelica Campos, and my email is camposa@usc.edu. I tried to sign up to register for the webinar, but I think the browser is having issues redirecting to the site. Either way, I thought I'd ask for help here.  Thanks for your time!